Book Reviews 

Dstripped Magazine

"The book really is two in one. The first is a “guide book” for dating people of different cultures, and the second is short stories about real people in interracial relationships. I use the word “guide” loosely because JC doesn’t give hard-and-fast rules. She just helps us gather information and process what an interracial relationship will really be like. The stories demonstrate that although a person may belong to a certain race or culture, what cultural norms someone chooses to follow vary a lot from person to person (and relationship to relationship). The best part for me was how she took a subject that is often treated with kid gloves and made it so enjoyable. It’s her humor that makes the book such a fun and easy read. I found myself laughing out loud when her descriptions mirrored my own personal experiences, which was often...  The real beauty of the book is that it restarts a dialogue that has halted for so many years by concerns around political correctness or not wanting to offend. The author’s message is clear: dating people of other cultures is A-okay. You might even learn something." - Valerie Pepe

"What makes “I Got The Fever” a must read, is that J.C. Davies does not give generic information that revolves around the typical stereotypes of interracial dating. Instead, she provides detailed comments from real people about how these relationships really work."  -  Jason Hendrix

"As someone raised in a bicultural family (my father is German-Irish from Kansas, my while my mother is Brazilian of Dutch and Portuguese descent) and who has also been in diverse relationships, I was intrigued when I heard about the controversy over J.C.  Davies’ I Got The Fever: Love, What’s Race Got To Do With It?... Before I had a chance to read the book myself, I saw many negative reviews on the web. However, after reading it I was forced to disagree with the negative reviews. Yes, she uses coarse language and is sometimes a little too honest with her assertions, but nothing really offensive...Throughout the pages, she looks at both the positive and negative aspects of each culture, while also trying to dispel certain stereotypes about each culture. For instance, she praises the strong family values of both African American and Latino families, but also debates on the high level of infidelity from men in both cultures... I didn’t find J.C. Davies bigoted at all, and from what I could see she is definitely not racist. My assessment probably comes that being bicultural I have developed a thick skin about these things and sometimes I might fail to see what others might see as insensitive. The book is definitely a fun read thanks to Davies’ easy conversational style and keen sense of humor, which makes this a recommended book for anyone interested in relationships in general and understanding different cultures." Ernest Barteldes

Beyond Black & White

"JC does a great job of dissecting the cultural nuances of all the rainbeau men she's dated in fun and easy, breezy voice.  Like a good big sister, she tells you the ends and outs of Latino, Asian, African American, Indian and Jewish cultural mores so that women interested in interracial and/or intercultural relationships know will be able to navigate, understand, and embrace them." - Christelyn Karazin, relationships columnist for Madame Noire, Editor-in-Chief of Beyond Black & White and co-author of the upcoming book, Swirling: How to Date, Mate & Relate, Mixing Race, Culture & Creed.

Single Girl in a Weird World

“Racy JC is author, JC Davies and she recently wrote and published a book called "I Got The Fever" a guide to intercultural dating. And I say intercultural, not interracial because JC is a cool NYC white chick spreading the awesome word about intercultural dating and how it's done… I love JC's blog so much because she 'gets it' and not many people do… JC is funny, irreverant, witty, and smart all qualities I can admire in a woman. So I say check out JC's blog and ask her a question if you have one, she will definitely be able to help. So love goes out to Racy JC, our intercultural dating guru.”

Amador Community News

"As women, we like to think that we know a thing or two about men—the attraction factor, mutual interests and desires, even a few expectations. What we might not expect is to find ourselves attracted to a “horse of a different color.”

JC Davies’ book, I Got the Fever, is the go-to handbook on interracial relationships. JC candidly draws from her own expertise and knowledge, as well as from the many people she interviewed, providing a wealth of information, depth, and insight into not just the pros and cons of interracial dating, but also the relationship possibilities, the cultural and social aspects, the things you should know on several levels…from the first date to “between the sheets.”

Even if you aren’t in or considering an interracial relationship, you can open to any chapter in I Got the Fever and become easily engrossed. You can laugh as you identify with JC’s witty tongue-in-cheek metaphors, and—whether yellow, black, brown, white, and all the hues and shades in between—be surprised at how much you don’t know about men." - Carol Harper, Editor of Amador Community News; Author of Through the Eye of a Needle