What Real People Think About I Got the Fever

“It’s like the uncensored perils of dating in the 21st century. I have dated guys from different cultures before, but never really understood why they did some of the things that they did. This book finally answered all those questions and more. And ‘The Pros’ section, tales from a real cat house? That stuff was hilarious.” – Cindy

 “I Got the Fever is a very fun book for anyone to read, but if you are an interracial dater it’s not just a good read, it’s your Bible!” – Ming-Mei

“This book is a real page turner, enlightening and entertaining. As a white girl that has been in a few interracial relationships, I wish I had read this book five years ago; it probably would've saved me a lot of headaches. I know all my college friends would love it!" – Charlotte

“I am married and white and I’ve never been in an interracial relationship, but this was the most interesting book I have read in a long time. I guess some stereotypes exist for a reason, but the good news is that J.C. uses them for good, not evil. If you want the straight dope about someone other than whitey, look here first.” – Bebe

“I don’t agree with everything that J.C. says, but I am so glad that she said it! When you are in an interracial relationship you can’t be walking around on pins and needles. You need to feel free to discuss everything, including race and culture. These cultures are our history and they are going on every single day. Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of that?” – Samantha

“As an Indian guy, I don’t appreciate the small-dicks stuff, even though it’s true. But I love that J.C. says that Indians are great lovers because we are, and we take a lot of pride in that. I also think the part about meeting an Indian family was really well covered. There are so many nuances there that it is easy to screw it up. J.C. really helps you through it.” – Ajay

“Totally worth the read! As a Jew, I related a lot to the Jewish section, but since I’ve only dated white guys I really loved learning what it would be like to date guys from other cultures—living vicariously through other people, you know? It’s real reading for pleasure.” – Beth

“J.C. tells the truth and even though some of it might be hard to hear, it’s received well because it’s told with humor. I am a black woman married to a white guy so I am on board with interracial dating. But a lot of women, especially black women, are waiting for permission to date outside of their race. J.C. gives the message that it is okay if you are attracted to white people, black people, Latinos, whoever. If you need permission, you’ve got it!” – Danielle

"I Got the Fever is a fresh new look at dating in today’s modern age. J.C. pulls you in with her clever descriptions and pithy interludes. Even if you've read every other dating and relationship book on the shelves, your eyes are not open until you've read I Got the Fever." – Chloe

“I grew up biracial, so interracial dating was no big deal for me. But even so, I still learned a lot from this book. Which guys are more likely to: pick up the check, be cheating bastards, or be a freak in the sack. I Got the Fever gives you awesome, funny insights into what it’s really like to date outside your race.” – Kayla

“As a married Indian woman I know most of the Curry Fever stuff, but I just never thought about it before. For an outsider it’s a lot to know. And those comments from the prostitutes—wow, that was an eye opener.” – Lakshmi

“Thank you J.C.! After reading the book and following your blog I took the plunge. Best thing I ever did!” – Bill