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Istoe Independente (Brazil's largest newspaper, in Portuguese): Amar, amar e amar

Sábado (Week of April 27th Issue, Portugal, in Portuguese): Sexo com negros, chineses, latinos...

Flair (May Issue, Italy, in Italian): Si, il vostro destino (amoroso) e multicolor... (PDF download of article)

Naticia al Dia (3/18/11, Venezuela, in Spanish): Analista-financiera-se-ha-hecho-catadora-sexual-de-hombres!

Nacion (3/18/11, Largest Newspaper in Chile, in Spanish): La amante 'multirracial'

El Mundo (3/16/11, Largest Newspaper in Spain, in Spanish): La amante 'multirracial'

ABC News (3/15/11) Ex-Wall Street Woman Has Answers on Love, Race

Mail Online (3/14/11) Latino men are possessive and Asians are rubbish in bed: One woman's politically-incorrect verdict on interracial lovers (Asian men, I did not say that!)

BBC News (3/13/11): "Quitting Wall Street: Persevering against prejudice"

New York Post (3/13/11): "New York woman writes politically incorrect dating guide"

Asbury Park Press (3/11/11): "What to do about whites' anxiety?" JC Davies comment’s on the White Boy Scholarship

The Sydney Morning Herald (Australian New York Times, 3/10/11): "Love, what's race got to do with it?"

Sing Tao Daily (Largest Expat Chinese Newspaper, 3/7/11): Book Review

LA Times (2/10/11): J.C. Davies comments on regarding "Angry Black Woman" Superbowl Commercial

New York Magazine (7/14/11 Issue): 151 Minutes With J.C. Davies  

Metro Newspaper (12/9/10): Interfaith couples finesse the holidays

Online/Blog Articles 

Rage Against Suburban Zombie-ism (5/5/11): Interview with J.C. Davies Author of I Got The Fever

Smart Canucks (5/3/11): Do we take multiculturlaism for granted here in Canada?

Mislabled (4/27/11): HUMP DAY: Get the Fever

Huffington Post (4/27/11): Books With Worst Dating Advice Ever (3/14/11): Asians are rubbish between the sheets, says NY author (Asian men, I did not say that!)

The Root (2/24/11): New Interracial-Dating Book Hurts More Than It Helps

Divorce Candy Cross (2/23/11): Crossing Dating Boundries (2/20/11): Sick over jungle fever

Writing About Race: J.C. Davies is a Writer with Jungle Fever

Daily Beast (2/8/11): JC Davies quoted regarding "Angry Black Woman" Superbowl Commercial

E Online (2/8/11): JC Davies quoted regarding "Angry Black Woman" Superbowl Commercial (12/16/10): This Goldman Sachs Lady Will Teach You How To Date Black Dudes (12/14/10): Former Wall Street woman touts interracial 'dating' prowess (12/13/10): Book Review - I Got the Fever (12/13/10): Bloomberg Columnist Thinks Woman Who No Longer Works On Wall Street Is Bad For Women Who Work On Wall Street (12/13/10): Wall Street Woman Tells All With Two Letters: Susan Antilla (12/9/10): Goldman Sachs Alum And Woman With ‘Fever’ JC Davies Will Take Your Questions Now

Business Insider: "I GOT THE FEVER" (12/9/10): Ex-Goldman Sachs Analyst Authors Book On Cougar Sex And Interracial Dating (12/9/10): Former Goldman Sachs Employee Advises Everyone To Diversify Their Personal Lives