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44 Years After Loving v Virginia. Where Is Interracial Dating Now? with JC Davies

Interracial marriage was legalized 44 years ago June 12th. In Loving v Virginia, the Supreme Court ruled that laws banning interracial marriage were unconstitutional. What does the interracial relationship landscape look like today?

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Give your Love Life a Spring Cleaning! Toss your “type” and try Interracial Dating!

Spring is not just time to toss out the junk in your closets, but to “toss out your type,” says blogger, researcher, and former Goldman Sachs analyst J.C. Davies. Ms. Davies is hitting airwaves and print to reduce the fear factor around intercultural dating and help women broaden their horizons.

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Scholarships for White Males? with J.C. Davies

Controversy is erupting with the news that The Former Majority Association for Equality is offering a scholarship exclusively to white males. The Texas-based group feels that -- with so many scholarships geared toward women and racial minorities -- young white men are in need of a program specifically designed to help them.

Many see this scholarship as a fundamentally racist move that ignores the racial history of higher education, whilst others are pointing out the fact that white males -- especially in a racially diverse state like Texas -- are no longer the majority they once were and need the extra boost.

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Jimmy Fallon vs. J.C. Davies: The Late Night Host Chimes in on "I Got the Fever" and Interracial Dating

Many of you have all ready become acquainted with former Wall Street analyst J.C. Davies and her controversial new book on interracial dating entitled "I GOT THE FEVER".   

As it continues to spark debate in the media, big names are adding their take -- including Jimmy Fallon on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon."

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Pepsi's Super Bowl Racial Controversy with J.C. Davies

As Americans discuss this year's top Super Bowl commercials, much attention is being directed at Pepsi Max's controversial ad, in which a dark-skinned black woman aggressively keeps her mate in line.  In the ad, she violently throws a can of Pepsi Max at his head when a blonde woman smiles at him -- but, instead, hits and knocks out the blonde.

Many are deeply disturbed by this ad and what they see as a stereotypical depiction. Two-thirds of black women in a survey said that black women should be offended by the ad's message.

So is the commercial really offensive?  Or is the controversy over-blown and the result of too much political correctness?

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