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Handling Interfaith, Interracial, and Intercultural Relationships During the Holidays

Handling Interfaith, Interracial, and Intercultural Relationships
During the Holidays, with J.C. Davies

Celebrating Chanukah for the first time with a conservative Jewish family?  Worried about being the only racial minority in a roomful of non-white family members?  Concerned your loud Italian family might scare off your new Japanese girlfriend?

If you're in an interfaithinterracial, or intercultural relationship, you may just find yourself in one of these awkward situations this holiday season.

So how can you not let these issues drive a wedge between you and your significant other?  And just how accommodating should you have to be?

Author J.C. Davies is hitting airwaves and print to discuss these questions.  Her new book I GOT THE FEVER (feverbook.com) explores the dynamics -- and often juicy details -- of dating in today's diverse world, especially within five unique cultures: LatinoAsianBlackJewish, and Indian.  

Ask J.C.:

-- How to not let racial, religious, or cultural differences ruin your holiday season... or your relationship
-- What holiday advice she has acquired from her own dating and family experiences
-- How to best embrace differences during the holiday season
-- What holiday stories she features in her book and on her blog
-- What inspired her to write "I Got The Fever"

A former Wall Street professional, J.C. has more than 20 years of experience in studying -- and dating -- men of different cultures.  J.C. Davies' "Racy J.C." column on culture, race, and dating has recently been featured in DStripped Magazine.  To book J.C. Davies for your own program, please contact J.C. Davies at jc@jcdaviesauthor.com / (646) 470-2308.