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Pepsi's Super Bowl Racial Controversy with J.C. Davies

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As Americans discuss this year's top Super Bowl commercials, much attention is being directed at Pepsi Max's controversial ad, in which a dark-skinned black woman aggressively keeps her mate in line.  In the ad, she violently throws a can of Pepsi Max at his head when a blonde woman smiles at him -- but, instead, hits and knocks out the blonde.

Many are deeply disturbed by this ad and what they see as a stereotypical depiction. Two-thirds of black women in a Yourblackworld.com survey said that black women should be offended by the ad's message.

So is the commercial really offensive?  Or is the controversy over-blown and the result of too much political correctness?

Author, blogger, researcher, and former Wall Street (Goldman Sachs) analyst J.C. Davies is hitting airwaves and print to discuss these questions.  Her new book I GOT THE FEVER (feverbook.com) explores the dynamics of interracial and intercultural dating in today's diverse world, especially within five unique cultures: Latino, Asian, Black, Jewish, and Indian. 

J.C. also discusses what she calls "the myth of the angry black woman." Because J.C. Davies is herself white, she often finds herself a controversial figure for discussing such racial issues.

Ask J.C.:

-- Why the Super Bowl ad has offended so many women

-- What she's discovered about the dynamics between black and white women, especially when it comes to dating black men

-- What criticism she's received for writing about race as a white woman

-- What inspired her to write "I Got The Fever" 

A former Wall Street professional, J.C. has more than 20 years of experience in studying -- and dating -- men of different cultures.  J.C. Davies' "Racy J.C."  column on culture, race, and dating has recently been featured on The Mancow Show" w/ Mancow Muller, "Tell Me More" w/ Michel Martin on NPR, WERC News w/ Scott Fitzgerald, "Morning News Weekend” w/ Don Russell, "Newsmakers" w/ Geoffrey Clark, and in New York Magazine, Metro, Deal Breaker, The Business Insider DStripped Magazine, and Bridge Magazine.  To book J.C. Davies for your own program, please contact DoubleWide Publications at info@doublewidepublications.com or (646) 470-2308.