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44 Years After Loving v Virginia. Where Is Interracial Dating Now? with JC Davies

Interracial marriage was legalized 44 years ago June 12th. In Loving v Virginia, the Supreme Court ruled that laws banning interracial marriage were unconstitutional. What does the interracial relationship landscape look like today?

The last year provided mixed news on interracial relationships:

*The New York Times reports significant increases in biracial kids in Deep South

*UC Berkeley study shows that online dating promotes racism

*Recent Pew Institute study finds almost 15% of new marriages interracial

*Pepsi’s Super Bowl commercial creates controversy about “angry black women” stereotype   

Interacting with a wide variety of people daily through her blog and social media, author, blogger, researcher, and former Goldman Sachs analyst JC Davies is in a unique position to discuss the current temperature of interracial relationships. Her new book, I GOT THE FEVER (, explores the dynamics of interracial dating in today's diverse world, within a wide range of cultures including Latino, Asian, Black, Jewish, and Indian. And because JC Davies is herself white, she often finds herself a controversial figure for discussing racial issues.

Ask JC:

-- Are interracial relationships accepted or is there still a lot of work to do? 

-- How common are interracial relationships today, really?

-- How can we approach racial dialogue in an otherwise seemingly "post-racial" world? 

--With some cultural groups showing major growth, what does the future hold for interracial relationships?

--What do young people think about interracial dating?

 JC Davies' commentary on culture, race, and dating has recently been featured on "Tell Me More" w/ Michel Martin on NPR, Fox News, Radio Australia Today ABC Australia, The Mancow Show w/ Mancow Muller, The Jay Thomas Show w/Jay Thomas, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Your Time with Kim Iversen, The Armstrong & Getty Show, and in The Los Angeles Times, New York Post, New York Magazine,, Daily Mail, BBC News, Sydney Morning Herald, Metro Newspaper, Sing Tao Daily, El Mundo, Deal Breaker, The Business Insider, DStripped Magazine, and Bridge Magazine.



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